Who are our clients?

Often the disruptive effects of relationship breakdown spread through families as friends and relatives are drawn in.

FMIS mediators using a structured process can work with adults to reach practical proposals for property, finance & parenting of children.

Mediation can help same-sex couples, parents, grandparents and other family members limit conflict and pain by drawing a line under the past and establishing a common front where in particular the needs of children can be put first.

FMIS offers the option of specially trained mediators meeting individually with children to hear their views and involve them in future plans for their families. This can for example include sister-sister, grandparent-grandchild as well as parent-child relationships.

Mediation can help:-

  • Couples resolving their immediated separation issues concerning finances and children
  • Separated co-parents wanting to discuss changes to their Parenting Arrangements
  • Grandparents wishing to be part of the grandchildren's lives in the future
  • Step parenting relationships
  • Other parenting/guardianship arrangements
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