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Family Court Child Arrangements Order

Cited online 26 March 2020 Where Coronavirus restrictions cause the letter of a court order to be varied, the spirit of the order should nevertheless be delivered by making safe alternative arrangements for the child. Th...
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Coping in the time of Corona

Author:  Annmarie cited online 25 March 2020 ( It's bloody horrible at the moment isn't it? Over the course of a week or so we've gone from a relatively normal existence (albeit with worries about developments in other countries) to total lockdown. And even though we had an inkling that this was coming, t...
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COVID-19 guidance for children and families

Source: COVID-19 guidance for children and families  Cafcass has put together the following guidance to support children and families as the situation surrounding COVID-19 develops. We will do everything we can to help you and make sure that ou...
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Do not sabotage your divorce

By Wendi Schuller

Your behaviour in divorce has an impact on its outcome.

Attempting to score points with verbal sparring against your opponent (spouse) may temporarily feel like a victory.

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