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Family Mediation - Focus On The Wellbeing Of The Whole Family

Three recently published reports each focus on different members of separated families.

From them we learn that:

  • Being in family court puts nearly half of fathers (44 per cent) at risk of clinical levels of distress (source: Families Need Fathers)
  • Single parents, usually mothers, are more likely to experience severe problem debt than any other household type in the UK (source: Gingerbread)
  • Children are losing out on access to one of their parents for months on end (source:

All these groups within separated families are struggling and the organisations whose research is mentioned are rightly championing the interests of the group on whose behalf they campaign.

Our family mediators don't focus on one single group within a family.  Our mediators are focused on the wellbeing of all the members within the family.

Family mediators don't priorities one single interest group within a family. Their focus is on the wellbeing of the whole family.

Mediation can help separating or separated couples who are struggling to make future arrangements over parenting, money and property.

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