Four tips to help you avoid pulling your children into your conflict:

It is being caught up in their parents conflict that causes issues for children, rather than the separation in itself. 

Here are four tips to help you avoid pulling your children into your conflict:

1. Reassure your children that they are loved by both parents. They were before the
separation and that won't change.

2. Be clear with both your words AND your actions that your children are free to enjoy their relationship with their other parent. You may feel differently about your ex-partner following the separation but your children still see them as their same mum or dad.

3. Try to always speak positively about your children's other parent in front of them. If you're finding this hard then find some words that will hold a situation (I know you want to talk about this but I'm also thinking about something else so could we talk later) rather than being triggered into talk negatively.

4. Consider working with a family mediator who can create a safe space for you to have discussions about arrangements for your children. They will be able to inform your discussions with information on how best to support your children and signpost you to support for you and your children where it's needed.

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