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Family Mediation Week - Jan Walker, Emeritus Professor of Family Policy at Newcastle University's Institute of Health and Society

Family Mediation Week

Mediation ... the Positive Choice

‘Mediation is an empowering process for the children, and it can lead to their parents making more informed and suitable decisions for the future’.

This simple statement by an experienced mediator has been strongly endorsed by children and young people who have experienced their parents’ separation.

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Family Mediation Week - Mary Banham Hall, MD Focus Mediation

FamilyMediationWeekThe British Justice System is in more trouble than the NHS – what you need to know

Family mediator Mary Banham Hall is releasing a petition today, which argues that mediation should be compulsory after the legal fees reach 20% of the value of the disputed sum. Mary has kindly written our second blog for the day, explaining what her petition is seeking to achieve. It is being published on the Family Mediation Week website this morning and will be published on the FMA’s website this afternoon. Mary Banham Hall’s campaign blog

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Family Mediation Week - A Range of Positive Comments


Some positive experiences of mediation

Here are a range of positive comments from former family mediation clients from around the country. The services who provided the quotes are not being listed publicly, to help preserve the anonymity of the clients, but we are extremely grateful to the mediators who shared their positive comments.

The following quotes are all from real clients who wanted to let their FMA mediators know what family mediation was like for them – with thanks to the services who shared their positive comments with us.

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