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We were very close to an agreement but including Sue was invaluable. Her calm fact based approach made a huge difference to me. One of the issues I had was that my ex can be very controlling, obviously as our relationship has broken down, this was even harder to deal with. Sue was able to be the voice of reason. This made a huge difference and allowed us to come to an agreement without going to court, saving time, money and a lot of stress. Thank you.


The organisation and staff were all very helpful.

The mediation was kept impartial and all discussions were calm and positive.

Thank you very much Jayne for your time listening to me and the forms.

I’m so grateful that mediation services are acceptable for those who seek help. I feel like there’s a progress In this difficult situation and I can move forward from today.


The mediator was very good all the way and very helpful. I was very pleased with her.

The mediator was very kind, which made the situation easier.

It provided a fair framework where difficult, emotive issues could be brought to the table and discussed without feeling brow-beaten into decisions.

We were given the opportunity to raise topics/issues which otherwise would not have been possible.

The mediator helped me understand things from my ex’s point of view

and helped us to communicate better for the sake of our son. He helped us talk again, sort out our finances and arrangements for our son. Thank you from my heart.

Sue had the patience of a saint.  She made it clear and was fair to both parties.


The reception over the telephone was extremely sympathetic and kind

, elements hugely important for someone who is traumatised and vulnerable. I felt safe, respected and never a hindrance.

Dear Sue

Thank you very much for your help.
Talking with the boys. They are very happy with the new arrangement and I think it's made both of us to think about the children first and look forward to the future.

Thank you again

February 2022

I found the mediator very helpful, kind and supportive.

The mediator was very understanding and patient and took time to explain everything well.

Thank-you for yesterdays session it was very useful and much more progressive than previous mediation sessions we’ve had.

Our mediator was excellent. I felt heartened that due consideration was shown to BOTH parties.

All the elements of patience, focus and expedience (important financially) along with clear, concise delivery were very skilful.

Thank you so much for your time today

your management of the situation and your insight into our issues was really helpful.


Hi Sue
I want to say thank you for your help during mediation. I really struggle even talking to xxxxx and you have definitely helped to make that process easier.

I know that’s your job but I just wanted to say thank you anyway.

The mediator was empathetic and trustworthy. He provided an effective space in which we could discuss and reach an agreement.

The mediation allowed my ex and I to establish dialogue about our issues and to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Jayne, Thank you for your help today in guiding us through this difficult and painful situation.

I really hope we can go on to communicate and heal from this, and like you said give our children the gift of knowing that both parents are ok and can show respect and in a way love to each other even though they are not physically together.

I found the mediator very helpful, kind and supportive.

The mediator helped us to get where we needed to be. Thank you!

First time in 4 years I was able to have my children on Mother’s Day. We had
a lovely day and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’m very grateful and I would like to say big
THANK YOU to Sue for all her help and support in the best interest of my children.

Hello Jayne

I just wanted to thank you for trying to help us last night

, I also wanted to say that doing mediation via Zoom was brilliant I felt more relaxed and was really able to talk openly.
I would definitely agree to doing mediation again in this way and would definitely suggest to others to do mediation via Zoom.

Thanks again


I’d also like to take this moment to thank you for your help.

It was a great help for me talking with you. Your professional approach and the way you delivered your advice/knowledge was spot on. Thank you.

Many thanks Sue, I feel our time with you has helped very much and without your mediation I don't think we would have come to an agreement already. Thank you very much for your amazing service and all the best for the future.

They talk to you – not at you or above you.

Jayne Swanston was very helpful and skilled in our mediation process

, helping us both to come to agreements on financial, family, housing, separation and divorce matters. She created a safe environment which reduced my anxiety and made a very stressful and traumatic time into a much easier time. She helped us to swiftly come to agreement without antagonism or high emotion. I felt safe and understood throughout. She understood where the legal standing was, how we each felt and what the priorities were for both of us.