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When parents separate they need to find a new way for the family dynamics to work.

By Sarah Brookes, Brookes Family Mediation.

The breakdown of a relationship is very often extremely stressful and upsetting, particularly so when children are involved. It can be incredibly difficult not to allow feelings of hurt or anger to influence the important decisions that need to be made for yours and your children’s future. Family mediation helps people who are separating, or have separated, to discuss and agree on the future arrangements for children and/or finances. Family mediators are professionally trained to manage and support constructive discussions, and to do so in an entirely impartial and non-judgemental way; towards achieving agreed solutions. Mediated agreements are less likely to break down than arrangements ordered by the court. Government studies (2004-2010) indicate that mediation provides more sustainable resolutions than the court process.

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What are the benefits of resolving financial matters in mediation as opposed to within Court proceedings?

Written by Sally Clarke, FMA board Secretary

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Shelter from the storm

by Philippa Johnson, Chair of The FMA

In the middle of what may be the most difficult time in your life, it can be very difficult to know where to go for help. Just at the time when you need more support than you have ever needed before, you don’t know who to ask or how you are going to afford to pay for expert professional guidance.

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Midlands region protocol: What the Family Courts expect from Parents

The court wants you to think about these things first:

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