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Personal Taxation Update

No stamp duty on main homes up to £500,000 The Chancellor announced this month that stamp duty will be cut until 31st March 2021, with no tax on properties up to £500,000 where it is a main home. The additional 3% on each of the bands for second and subsequent properties will still be payable.  (Source: Moneywise, 8th July 2020) 

Biggest Ever UK #ParentalAlienation #Study Published

The damage caused to children by poor or selfish parenting when they separate has reached epidemic proportionsTens of thousands of children suffer the needless loss of a parent in their lives through abusive denigration of good parentsFamily courts are not fit for purpose - other forms of support are all but non-existentCovid-19 is making matters w...
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Family Mediation - Helping parents to stop putting their children in the middle of their conflict

The economic and emotional pressures of modern family life lead to frustrations and conflict in families. All too often children are the audience to our falling – outs with partners. Research evidence is clear that being the object of parental conflict – or just the witnesses to it – negatively affects children's health and wellbeing. The good news...
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What are the benefits of keeping children out of divorce conflict?

When we talk about keeping children out of conflict we mean managing to do this most of the time; because no one gets things right all the time and to make mistakes is to be human. When you're emotional and scared and angry it can be even harder to always try to react from a higher place rather than a base instinct to protect yourself. Pa...
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